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Report: DOJ Prepares Charges Against WikiLeaks, Assange
Conservative News
by Breaking    

Onoe of the best things that has happened to he government in decades. Unearthed the dirt, lies, corruption and probably more dirty tricks they have plyed upon the citizens and taxpayers that one can fathom. All the listening in on calls, and all forms of communication without warrants fir fishing trips and all for what not much or made up . They say they are honest yet dishonesty is their forte. Words like monitor, surveillance, wiretappping, it's all really the same, intrusion. Wikileaks has donre the citizens a service nothing less. Had they monitored their own chances are the swmp would be cleared faster. There are politicians that have yer to pay taxes they owe, Why is that. There are criminals in ciongress also that surprised mebut then there was Chappaqutick (spelling) and a death here. Yet nothing was done.

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