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Russian Bombers Fly Near Alaskan Coast for Second Day in a Row
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The US sends planes by them all the time too. Each are checking out the other. Mind games, but not to the bad extend thet Kim in N. Korea does. They film take tons of pics and compare to the earlier ones for visable upgrades made. The Satellites provide even better coverage. Both have them too.
I think the N. Korea is the one to worry about. That fuse was lit some time ago in the Obama admin but it's getting very short.
China is the joker in that deck of cards. If Trump has them on our side sanctioning them as has been said with coal and other necessities thay can't get elsewhere, it may be cause for Kim to do one of tow things, either cut back & do as countries hope for or cause him totally loose it & do more that will cause a serious escalation in this.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Roberto Benitez Written by Roberto Benitez
April 24, 2017
The N. Koreans don't send reconnaissance planes to the coast of the US or even to Hawaii as they have no planes capable of flying such distances and back unrefueled.

Theses days most photographic surveillance is done by satellite, although sometimes tactical surveillance is done by planes. Our aircraft are usually involved in SIGINT and COMINT. One such plane is the RC-135.
Softball Player Written by Softball Player
April 24, 2017
N. Korea probably does have refulers, they purchase many war items from China, Russia, Ukraine, etc They just lack ships with a long range capability. Here is a Russian tanker that's 7 years old of so. Russia and the US are neck and neck with capabilities but they may be one up onth another that is being mentioned lately. you can find that on you own. the link: http://military.wikia.com/wiki/Aerial_refueling?file=Ilyushin_Il-78M_36_blue_(cn_1013405197).jpg Though these are fighters refuleing, it is the same concept all forces use Bi-planes to you name it. In the pic of the bomber neat our coast you can see a snorkel at the nose of the plane, that hooks to the other refuler with a much longer one dropped down.
They only had 1 or two modernistic ships, ported near the capitol city Many are antiquated like their planes which are from same countried listed.
Not need to nuke them, a few, 3-4 well placed MOAB's would descimate the country bad enough & without the nuking back lash. Kim is the little boy who is yelling wolf far too often.
Your right about the sat surveillance these days, imo it sould be used more often to find ISIS and others and clean them out. All this could have beed done years ago, but wasn't.
2 results - showing 1 - 2  


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