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Trump Signs Bill Giving Vets More Choices for Health Care
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by Leading    

About time!!! Prior administrations have done little or nothing. The inability to fire some of these inept people boggles the mind. Whistle blowers should shout from the top of the VA buildings about any wrong doing like changing statistic or smudging appointments.
Our men and women in the military have given their all - why can't Congress do the them for them?

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Mike Tierney Written by Mike Tierney
April 19, 2017
Well, Old Salt, I am sure you realize that this is just an extension of something that Obama signed in spite of the Republican resistance.
I am a Priority II at VA and it is relatively easy to make an appointment. Id you have no service connected disability, it probably takes a lot longer as the wounded veterans get priority.
Just because someone was a supply clerk or did some other task in the military, they are still eligible for care but not at the same level of access.
Spicer makes it sound like every person that ever put on a uniform was risking their life. Not so Sean!
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Jeffrey Dorfman Written by Jeffrey Dorfman
April 20, 2017
Let me chime in here. I've been classified as 100% service connected disabled and never served in combat or in a theater of war. I'm at the highest priority category. So you see, you can't assume the person you were addressing didn't have a right to utilizing the VA Veteran's Choice Program.
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