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ICE expands raids, arrest 368 criminal illegals in 7 states, DC
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by Breaking    

"What!!?? Oh no, that's terrible!! I can't believe this racist, facist, nazi regime is stealing The American Dream away from these poor people just yearning to be free...never mind that they're all criminals; just avert your eyes from that part. Now open your wallets and give me more money so I can give them free stuff"......said the Liberal.
Good job ICE! Thanks for getting these dirtbags off the street and moving in the right direction; out. Keep up the great work!

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Tom Schwander Written by Tom Schwander
April 09, 2017
Way to go ICE. Way to go President Trump. Riding America of these illegals causing mayhem in our country is one of the many reasons we voted Trump. The liberals in America must believe that we don't have enough American born criminals and that we must allow more import of them from other countries?
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