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Poll: Majority of young adults don’t see Trump as legit president
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"Poll: Majority of young adults don’t see Trump as legit president"

Of course not. All that left-wing indoctrination called "public school" has accomplished its task: these kids know nothing about this nation's history, its Constitution, or how anything in the real world works. They think the winner of a Presidential election is determined by who is supported by the press and whichever candidate's followers scream the loudest and start the most riots.

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Anthony Cognion Written by Anthony Cognion
March 20, 2017
As far as you saying the public schools are the cause of the students in this poll saying the Trump is not the right president, you need to think about wat school you attended as well. Was it a public school or a private school? Did you ever think that some of them went to a private school as well. It depends on the person to think like he or she does in situations such as this. I went to a public school as well as a business college and i do not like him as President. He has done nothing that I see for this country except hurt it for those that are elderly, on low income, and other stuff just so he can get that wall up in Mexico. He is racist and only wants what he wants
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