Doc Browning commented on Obama cyber chief confirms 'stand down' order against Russian cyberattacks 13 hours 56 minutes ago

When we take a close look at the original landmass of the USSR, compared to today, "Russia" has not defended its borders very well. Next, reviewing the international destruction done by the zionazi CIA, 1950-1980, we clearly see which nation´s leadership has behaved as international criminals since 1945; it isn´t Russian leadership.

It is more appropriate to discuss the question of why the foreign alien, alias Barack Hussein Obama was vetted to be eligible for the US presidency. Also appropriate is a discussion of why he and his cabinet and hundreds of appointees are not currently in prison for violating numerous sub-clauses of the USConstitution.
Comparatively speaking, the idea of impeaching president Trump is one more bad joke by Dale Ruff, added to his series of bad jokes.

Maxine Simon Wayne. Good Post and Correct. Yes Obarff was never Vetted, But I think what Doc was Saying really was the (CRIMINALS WAY OF VETTING, BY GETTING HIM IN OFFICE) They all Knew without a Doubt He Never could Qualify for Garbage guy let alone President. There has to Be VETTING PERIOD. They just don't let you Be President. When it came to OBARFF, They LIED, Gave him fake Records, Put Real records under lock and key etc. IF WE HAD A LAW AND ORDER GOVERNMENT, OBAMA JUST ON HIS OWN, COULD HAVE NEVER... Show more yesterday
Wayne Mazzola Doc Browning:

I hate to say it but he was never vetted in the first place by the DUMBOcRATic party OR BY ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER, If he had been he would have never been president and couldn't even run.

Imagine if a Republican had all his records sealed at a cost of 1.4 million dollars and was using at least two different social security numbers one as a Illinois state senator and a different one as president which is a felony, And what if he had a proven fake/fraud adobe illustrator multi...
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Doc Browning Thank you. doc b. 14 hours 8 minutes ago
Doc Browning commented on Trump’s Sex Life Now Focus of Mueller Probe yesterday

It is interesting how Mueller has circumnavigated the criminal activities that have surrounded him and focussed on rumors of non-existent events that alleged the involvement of Donald Trump.

No doubt the ACLU would like to protect the un-americans of the cities, counties and states who reject the lawful order of the USConstitution and offer "sanctuary" to illegal aliens.

It´s interesting how the MSM supports the hate of it´s subversive members of the sin city, Hollywood, while screening out or spinning factual information published by American partiots.
A review of the ownership of Hollywood explains why.

One wonders how much, per head, they were paid, and who bribed them ?

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The phrase, anti-gay is one more non sequitur that is used to disguise abnormality. Each person who is a homosexual or transvestite reflects parents who failed to assist their child to adapt to its gender.

Using their motto, "By way of deception shalt thou do war", israeli aircraft would be disguised.
Certainly, the terrorist, israeli aircraft were tracked back to their airport of launch.

John Kenny Thanks for your contribution, Adolf. The Reich is proud of you! 4 days ago

Since her subterfuge as lawyer in the Bush/CIA "set-up impeachment" of president Nixon in 1974, she is a life-long stooge of the zionazi Bush/CIA. She is committed to disruption of the USGov and support of the CIA/MOSSAD subterfuge around the world, with focus on the USA.
She is an excellent example of how a human can continue to function in spite of disabling health conditions. I do not think she receives regular transfusions of blood of children who have been kidnapped and murdered, as her supernumerary is alleged to have received since the 1980s. However, cocaine has been plentiful for the Clinton Duo since the 1980s, perhaps earlier.
The story of Darlene Novinger, secret FBI agent, provides extensive details.

The FBI and DOJ subterfuge reflect the control of the "The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World", clarified by former USAF colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, 1973. The zionazi George HW Bush/CIA has used and protected Wm Clinton since 1968, Hillary Rodham since the fraudulent impeachment of Nixon, 1974, and the Clinton Duo since their marriage, 1975.
In the late 1960s, colonel Prouty discovered that neither the General of the Marines nor General of the Army knew which of the 600 US military elements were under their control vs control of the CIA.
The continued terrorism of the CIA/MOSSAD in the Middle East suggests that while it has been lessened, the "White Hats" and secretive special forces continue the terrorism in the Middle East, Syria for example. One wonders if foreign aliens continue to be trained in guerilla warefare in Ft. Benning, Ga.,to support the terrorism of the CIA/MOSSAD ?

"- - seeing photos and videos of kids being gassed". There were no kids being gassed, but rather staged photos and choreographed videos, specially produced to scape-goat Syrian president Assad and Syrian army forces.
No doubt our president has subsequently become aware that he was set up by the stooges of the deep-state.

Ted Wark Oh, you mean like the staged photos of families being 'ripped apart'? It has been demonstrated that lots these 'families' are NOT families at all. Besides, they can stay together but, in the country they came from! 4 days ago

This bit of hollywood idiocy reminds ot the zionazi selection of "America´s Father", Hollywood´s Ronald Reagan for president, which slid zionazi George H.W. Bush into the VP position.

The Iran-Contra subterfuge, cocaine smuggling via the CIA airport at Mena, Arkansas, the Clinton Duo, the list of assassinations, and the approximately 17 trillion dollars "stolen" from Russia by Reagan´s appointee, Lee Wanta. What happened to the trillions? Zionazi bank accounts.

The election of Reagan was influenced by Bush/CIA treason against president Jimmy Carter and the US, documented in, "Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S. - Israeli Arms Network", by Ari Ben-Menashe, pp 74-75.

Additional details at_

It is more effective to support honesty instead of political expediency and subversion of applicable law.

Encouraging parents to be dishonest, violate immigration law, and disrupt their family life - - is supposed to be Christlike ?

Blaming law enforcement for the results of parental dishonesty ? Especially, when parents´ base their plans on the fantasy of all the freebies available, if their dishonesty is successful ? More Obama-like than Christ-like.

His request is very appropriate, considering especially, the income tax-ethics violations said to be associated with Avenatti´s behavior. An experienced Judge might spontaneously arrive at the conclusion, being aware of the pattern of publicity seeking by Avenatti. Avenatti´s stance has also publicized Mrs. Clifford´s form of promiscuous entertainment, which contributes to paedophilia and child abuse.

Doc Browning commented on Andrew McCabe sues Justice Department over documents 1 week ago

Great !
Revealing McCabe´s string-pullers is the goal of the Trump administration.
If McCabe begins to "whistle-blow" we can expect him to have a fatal heart attack or be "robbed" and shot on a sidewalk and subsequently murdered in a hospital, as was Seth Rich.

G. Alistar The two legit reasons that the DOJ/FBI has been reluctant to releasing the documents: 1) Classified doc's will almost certainly be leaked by democrat members of the gang of eight (notorious for leaks)...but only those that do harm to Republicans. 2. Huber working for AG Jeff Sessions, has indicted a number of high ranking "dirty cops" at FBI and DOJ. He has convened a grand jury as well. Releasing info early would signal to corrupt officials in the Obama Administration how much... Show more 1 week ago