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Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:18

James Franco Used to Shoplift Cologne and Sell It as a Teen - Now He's the Face of the New Coach Fragrance

Written by  Briana Draguca

James Franco is always expanding his body of work. Whether it be earning an Oscar nomination, starring in hit Hollywood comedies, adapting and directing films, writing poems, studying at prestigious universities, or teaching film classes, it seems like there is nothing Franco cannot do.

To prove just that, he partnered with loved fashion brand, Coach, as the face its new Cologne for Men.

The actor, 39, was first exposed to cologne as a young teenager but, oddly enough, not with the goal of combating prepubescent body odor.

“I stole and sold cologne. I was caught for it. We had our cologne-stealing gang,” Franco told The Cutin a recent interview promoting the new fragrance.

The actor and his friends shoplifted a wide range of popular fragrances, including the iconic men’s cologne Drakkar Noir.

“There was a great mall called the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. We were about 12 or 15 or so. We had our Drakkar Noir, Eternity, Obsession, and our Davidoff Cool Water. We collected them in our lockers in junior high and used to sell them at dances,” he shared. “There was a great need for them there. Then somebody told on us.”

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