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Friday, 11 August 2017 15:13

STASI: Swift's groping trial testimony could've used less 'a--'

Written by  Linda Stasi

Backside, butt, back end, bottom, behind, buttock, buns, bum, derriere, rear, rump, rear-end, glutes, keister, posterior, seat, tush, fanny, can, and when all else fails, tuchus.

A--? No, not-ever, never, nyet, no way, nay, nix, not even close — well, not in a U.S.

courtroom anyway.

Taylor Swift used the word, “a--” during testimony nearly half a dozen times while defending herself against a nasty horse’s ass’s butt-groper.

It made her otherwise powerful testimony sound, well, asinine.

Seriously, this young woman is a smart, savvy performer — one of the most powerful entertainers in the world in fact.

And more, she’s a brilliant young businesswoman who’s made, yes, $200 million. She owns two jets. She has countless millions of fans. She writes or co-writes her own songs, and she couldn’t come up with a better word than “a--” while testifying in court about a, er, horse’s a-- of a buttocks groper?

On the street it’s one thing, in court, it’s something else all together.

In case you happened to be in a coma yesterday, and missed it, Swift described the sexual assault she suffered by disgusting, now-fired Denver DJ David Mueller, by saying “a--” nearly half a dozen times during her testimony.

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