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Thursday, 12 October 2017 10:00

From Anxiety to Revenge: Rachel Bloom on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 & Diagnosing Rebecca Bunch

Written by  Chris Harnick

Saying your TV show is "funny Fatal Attraction" paints quiet the image, but that's what Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season three has been dubbed. The new season picks up with a jilted Rebecca Bunch, played by series co-creator Rachel Bloom, on a quest for revenge.

"Rebecca, for the whole show, has tried to be people she's seen in movies and TV shows because she has no sense of who she is internally. And so she has tried to—every time she takes on another persona it's like trying on a new costume. The same goes for this Fatal Attraction," Bloom told E! News. "She says, ‘OK, you left me at the altar, you called me crazy, great. I'm crazy. I'm crazy and I'm f—king sexy and I'm a dynamo.' She's going to come in with this persona, but again, it's the same mistake she keeps making, which is like, Rebecca, what do you really want? Who are you really?"

Aline Brosh McKenna, the show's co-creator, said Rebecca Bunch will try to be the femme fatale she always saw herself as after Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) left her at the altar. "It's not really her area of expertise, as we know from previous seasons she really cares tremendously about being a good person, so it's a struggle for her.

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