If you think that the epidemic of thin-skinned, hypersensitive people is restricted to the Ivy Leagues, think again. When former U.S. senator and Naval Academy alumnus Jim Webb was offered a prestigious award from the Naval Academy, some of the graduates protested his selection.

Six months ago, I doubt that most of the country had heard of Devin Nunes.

Now the California congressman is in the eye of a Washington hurricane that could soak President Trump or just harmlessly head out to sea.

Schumer has called the border wall “a poison-pill rider.”

On the heels of the failed GOP health care bill, Republicans on the Hill have two new battles: tax reform and avoiding a government shutdown.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16:30

WATCH: Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?

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Why don’t the Palestinians have their own country? Is it the fault of Israel?

It’s 2017. Shouldn’t there be a Palestinian state by now?

Prager U‘s latest explores:

Michael Moore is known for spewing outlandish, liberal drivel, but he turned apocalyptic as a reaction to the overthrow of former President Obama’s energy plan. (Tweet here.)

President Donald Trump signed an executive order into law March 28, to begin rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

A group of attorneys, scholars, and advocates put their names to a letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday, urging him to take a serious look at reform as he works with the President to select a new Assistant Attorney General for his Civil Rights Division.

Lawmakers in Wisconsin proposed constitutional carry legislation Tuesday morning, seeking to land the bill on Gov. Scott Walker's desk.

State Sen. David Craig and Rep. Mary Felzkowski, both Republicans, released the Right to Carry Act, legislation they say simplifies existing laws and and "expands the rights of law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a license.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is taking up the case of a longtime U.S. resident who is facing deportation to South Korea after pleading guilty to a drug crime based on his lawyer’s bad advice.

“remarkably poor” graduation and retention rates”

This school has been circling the drain for months. At some point, doesn’t it make sense to let it go?

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Students languish amid grandstanding at Chicago State University

Dear liberals, pay attention. In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, three people decided to burgle a house on Monday. At around 12:30 p.m., they picked their target house, entered through the back door, and came face to face with the homeowner's nineteen-year-old son.