The Pentagon could house as many as 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children on military bases in coming months, after a request by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to a Pentagon spokesman.

Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” network host Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump’s base “wouldn’t tolerate” white children being separated from their families as a result of his administration’s immigration policies.

On Friday night, Real Time host Bill Maher showed his ass.

The comedian welcomed Colion Noir, self-proclaimed “gun nut” and host of NRATV’s web series NOIR, onto his HBO program. But instead of challenging the disingenuous gun lobbyist, Maher presided over a bizarre—and ill-informed—love-in.

In today’s War Room we Blow Open the Hoax Of The Crying Immigrant Girl featured on the Cover of Time Magazine, We Discuss Why Trump is Creating Space Force, ...

Tate Williams at Inside Philanthropy writes—An Unusual Grant Fuels a Push to Start Treating Climate Change as a Real Emergency:

A major challenge to organizing and advocacy around climate change is how even to approach a problem so large, complex, and gradually advancing (although it feels less gradual with every year, to be honest).

McLEAN, Va. -- Attorneys for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort want a judge to bar any mention of Manafort's connections to the president at his Virginia trial. In court papers, Manafort's lawyers argue that because Manafort's alleged crimes occurred before he ever served on President Trump's campaign, any mention of Manafort's connections to Mr.

On June 20, Jimmy Fallon welcomed teenage school-shooting survivors David and Lauren Hogg to promote their new gun-control manifesto, #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line. David Hogg told Fallon he survived the shooting by recording other students and planning on how, if he died, his voice could still echo for "positive change" in Congress.