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So where do we find the petition?

And those who support them should be declared terrorists as well.

so were is the petition at ?? is it in all 50 states ?? ANTIFA is a terror/hate groups and by there own words on TV state they will attack and one...

Once they are officially classified as a terrorist organization can we start hunting them and where do I sign!!!

Hoo-boy! What have these people been smoking? (Whatever it is, it is probably illegal).

And this racist psycho is a teacher? No wonder our schools produce the dribble they do...

LIBERAL IGNORANCE STIKES AGAIN. This BIMBO should be disbarred and thrown off the planet. She is to STUPID for words.

Well, why not! Everything else is racist according to those liberal morons.

It is now confirmed, God really dose hate black people.

These are the same type of Libturd POS scum that whine on here such as Webster and the other idiot CNN loving trash!! WATCH, they will now Blame the...

jim stock found helpful a review for Americans get ready to view solar eclipse, written by Q Carbonero 2 months ago

...And the sun is getting ready to view the American eclipse. Tit for tat.

jim stock found helpful a review for Americans get ready to view solar eclipse, written by Jackson Brannon 2 months ago

Al Gore, Odymmt and the rest of the Libturd MSM Demorat Trash will Blame this on President Trump and Global warming!! Wait and see!!!

How do you not SEE a 600 foot tanker???

I believe it might be a good idea for that Admiral, down there in the Pentagon, the one in charge of overseeing Foreign Technological Development,...

The US Navy might be making a habit of it. Perhaps Officers should be sent for a finishing course in sailing after Anapolis?

What the hell else can happen to our country!!!!!......We not only are dealing with the ignorant left and their people who drink the "kool-aid" they...

This is a result of the most incredible incompetence I've ever seen! What were they doing on the bridge? Getting high? Well just maybe a return to...

Hopefully the McCain Captain is in the Brig by now??. Questions by an EX-Seagoing Marine: Where were the LOOKOUTS?? Why did RADAR not detect a...

If the ships guidance system was hijacked, it would not be reported because it would show weakness in our systems. if someone can hijack your car...

This appears to be unprecedented! This is the second US Navy collision in two months. I could understand if we were in a war, but something's wrong...


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