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Pretty pathetic. Really a shame that our military leaders at the top will bow down to pressure from any minority group. For over 200 years America...

Exactly why President Trump wants to get the Tranny Trash and Fag losers OUT!!! These people are proven Basket case losers!!!

Holy Bat-Shit Robin, we have a case here for the Colonel to file some kind of a lawsuit based on his "freedom of religion". it's about time we...

That Colonel needs to raise some hell. His career path should be based on his duty to MILITARY protocols. That document had nothing to do with the...

they do it to themselves,,,,and what is wrong with Africa? And they want us to give them our country???? Maybe they should fix their country BEFORE...

Perhaps the women mentioned in this article by the MoveOn liberal spokesperson (Wilson, et al) should NOT display such abominable behavior. If they...

No need for any of us to try to dehumanize you as you do a wonderful job of that all by yourself! Moron!

And they're not dehumanizing our President?

he is a traitor just as Obama is a traitor......I was smart enough to know the detainees would go back and fight us, when released!!!!!!!!!Obama...

Ann Reavis Anderson found helpful a review for Bowe Bergdahl: The US treated me worse than the Taliban, written by Colleen Marie 19 hours 30 minutes ago

Bowe should join the pussified NFL for bitching and moaning! Eat **** and croak

This information should have been released after Jackie passed away, or so we were told.....I also remember where I was when we were told.

bowe is a traitor and should be shot

bowe is a traitor and should be shot

bowe is a traitor and should be shot

bowe is a traitor and should be shot

bowe is a traitor and should be shot

Why that arrogant twit. I can't recall a single Republican who viewed his show. Maybe Kasich and McCain. I don't watch TV at all except for Hockey...

This is why we need to swat this crapola country off the face of the map. Make it glow before they hit us.



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