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Time to purge all the Bolshevik Obama crew from the White House and every Dept of Govt. They're saboteurs.

Don't believe a word of this report. This a fake news again. It is just another way to try to under mind the administration. Haven't this fake news...

We've all heard everything she as to say in all its many versions. That's enough now Mèdia. Put down the whip, the horse has long ago expired.

Give her some cheese with that whine!!! God doesn't she realize THAT NO ONE CARES WHAT SHE SAYS!!??

Well, she is the preemminent world expert on being corrupt.

Put her and all liberals involved in this program in prison where they belong. Sore losers.

Non-profit hmmm!! That sounds like another way to wash money and lucrative salaries for Chelsea and their friends. Like the Clinton Foundation 10...

The "beach" is crazy,vile,evil,corrupt,vengeful,treasonous,petty,spiteful,twisted,larcenous and a liar that is eternally doomed. And anyone that...

This corrupt and careless MURDERER, needs to be PROSECUTED!!! HER promises are LIES!!!

You're confused. It's not the Constitution that they care about, but the Communist Manifesto...

Considering that those Democrats who spend the most time complaining about Trump and his appointment choices cite adherence to the constitution as...

The Democrats will continue to try and undermine every aspect of President Trump's presidency. We all know it.

I remember when Comey faced the press corps and declared that yes - Hillary committed treason but he will nor prosecute her. ???

I think this judge has a seat because he was appointed by the obummer administration. I believe it is time to clean house.

The article said that "the federal judge was an Obama bundler", are they sure that they didn't mean that he was an "Obama bungler"?

Another corrupt BAD apple in California. California needs a good enema...

this judge is part of the Obama/Clinton/MSM corrupt cartel and he needs to be replaced ! he is not doing his job and I am sure that there is an out...


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