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Little fat boy tyrant has every right to play with his missiles. h e doesn't have the right to threaten any and everyone. I say it's time some one...

MOAB or MOP. Maybe Russia can sell us a 'BlackJack' (Thermobaric weapon)

A nice 500lb bunker buster in his pool.with a scud knocking on his front door.

What in the hell are American's doing in NK....??? Get the heck out and stay out!

The school was right in ending the relationship with Planned Parenthood. I am a donor to my school and I certainly want to know where my money is...

It is better to take care of this now than to wait. Past administrations have been kicking it down the road far too long now. Fatboy will only get...

Jenner you're scary only in looks!!

Am wondering is that those with a penis or without one. Or do you know? Hope your happy becaure you don't look all that great.

Which one are you referring to? Is it the American community, of which the US is founded on, or the one that your illness has led you to surgically...

It can be eliminated. Talk about a useless fungus.

Jenners community is a mess!

How about 10 hours free psychiatric treatment? Otherwise stay in the shadows and we will protect the relevant 0.00001735% of humans so confused.

"Jenner to GOP: Mess With My Community, I’m Coming After You" That would be a frightening thought what with contagious bodily fluids and whatnot....

What is he/she/it gonna do, scratch everyone's eyes out?

Bruce Gender !!!!! SHUT YOUR ASS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh great they used Obama voters to make a decision when he was an illegal alien himself . Take the vote on conservatives and republicans !!! I...

Since the democrats have put us so far in debt, we can NOT afford educating others. And immigrants are bringing down the education of our...

The illigal should not be able to attend school, They are illigal that means they have broken our laws. Which means they have no respect for us or...

What a bunch of TRIPE! They are here illegally They ae breaking the law. THAT MAKES THEM CRIMINALS!


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