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WHY would you name a school Mooslime Monkey Ni**er High?????? They all look alike will be the motto!!!

These are the future Retard Libturd Demonrats!!!

The Professor should have quickly given the exams to pass tests while they were out and then FAILED them all!!!

Jackson Brannon found helpful a review for Boston College students walk out to protest racist incidents, written by Brad Stewart 6 hours 26 minutes ago

What a bunch of Libtard, butt hurt pussies.

WHY would you name a school Mooslime Monkey Ni**er High?????? They all look alike will be the motto!!!

Mike Tierney No wonder you love Don. 4 hours 31 minutes ago

So now it’s okay to say all blacks look alike? No one will be called racist if they do? Hmmmm.....

"The reason the former president made the cut from the other names submitted is because he is black.... students at the predominantly black school...

Right down the street, the high school is going to be named "The Satan School of Fire & Brimstone"!

HEY Libturd Retard Randy Webster!!!! Tell us again how they ONLY take the low paying jobs that Americans do not want you lying POS trash Mother F...

where are you ICE? go get them.

Hey Judge YOU PAY FOR IT, just to see how it feels to spend your money for the procedure. Liberal piece of crap.

Ship her a$$ to her home country and let them take care of her. Never allow her back into our country.

The Libturd Demonrats are all for the FBI and their ILLEGAL sh*t!!! Right lil joey Dumba$$ and Retard Randy!!!

Nothing mentioned about the FBI covering up info on the uranium deal all while Mueller was in charge of the FBI, how Hypocritical is that? A man...

Sure Beats Odummy and Hitlary using the Caskets as a Photo op and then look at the Parents and LIE right to their face!!!! THAT is pure evil!!!

Now hear this.....the check has been sent. By the way nothing is being said about all the other presidents, especially Obama who never ever send...

If it went through the State Capital they are screwed. Those desparate crooks will keep it and let Wa. take the blame.

LILJoey Dumba$$ must feel that Oliver North and John Kelly are trash!!! They BOTH came on TV today and BOTH said that this monkey Congresswoman in a...

John Kelly and Oliver North are right!!! The world is STUNNED at the Horrible EVILNESS of this Floridian Congresswoman POS in an UGLY hat!!!

Tom Schwander found helpful a review for Bannon Gathers Donors as He Launches War on GOP Establishment, written by Jackson Brannon 18 hours 15 minutes ago

When the RINO and Demonrats are replaced with Conservative Republicans we can finally watch President Trump get his job done!!!


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