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Jim Carrey is just as big a piece of human garbage as Kathy Griffin is! Neither one is worth the powder to blow them to hell!

This useless POS isn't and never was funny! But what would be funny is if a Isis cut his leg off and shoved it up his ass along with his head! Now...

And who pays any attention to Jim Carrey, anyway. He epitomizes the stupid fool, his entire act is to be the buffoon. Not a person to seek advise...

WOW; how out of touch with reality can you get? What a whack job he has turned out to be. I used to think he was going to be the next Jerry Lewis;...

Why don't these people pick another country to live in? Now Obama is doing a tribute to this buffoon in that multi-billion dollar Presidential...

i hope he never plays again.

Evidently, these 50 people are missing two important things... a job and a life.

he brought this on himself--- so hopefully no NFL team will take him-- go overseas to play of he wants but no in the USA

Y'all act like someone gives a **** no one cares about this POS! Piss on him! And spit on his agenda!

Looks like before long he will be there in the welfare line next to you! Get a fucking life!

Way to go, Gregg! Congratulations, winner! I don't blame you for pounding that snowflake "reporter", who clearly asked for it.

These liberals are just making up all kinds of excuses about climate change. If this idiot things penis is the problem then him and the other idiot...

Thank you for your heartfelt comment, I just don't understand people these days, it's sad.

these bastards are really sick.

Town hall meetings should be restricted to people who live in the district and are actually represented by the Congressman in attendance. These...

Shameless Teabagger exploiting the death of his daughter in a vain attempt to score political points! What a creep........

How very sad and how very rude. I hope the liberals (and Soros) are proud of their nastiness. How cruel and unjust. The Rep. bill has not even been...

I love our President Trump!!

What a total burn on the Libtard Media and those Hollywood losers.


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