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Looks like the Charlottesville mayor and the governor of Virginia have allowed the violence to continue. The "white supremacist" group (KKK and...

The saddest part about today's violence? It's just the beginning. The left and their sponsored thug movements including the media will create even...

For a minute, when I read the headline, I thought they were talking about schumer.

Obama is the perpetual turd in the punch bowl. He never goes away.

Tell him to save his breath. It hasn't worked in the past and I think he'll put a monkey wrench into what little chance they have. But then how do...

Give me a break....Do you honestly think "Evil Eyes" would stand a chance after all he did to ruin this country????? No Way..

Is there anyone who hasn't figured out obama is an IDIOT, yet? It is hard to imagine..

That's BRILLIANT!!! We ALL know how much he helped Keg-Legs Hitlery when he campaigned for her. So, bring it on, you elephant eared rat!!!

I guess he missed all of the memos that said he was one of the main reasons Hillary lost. The people are sick of his s**t. Maybe he should go back...

When is he going to be arrested for treason?

Roy Seals found helpful a review for Barack Obama Plans Return to Campaign Trail to Save Democrats, written by Tim Wilde 4 months ago

Apparently this delusional moron doesn't get why Trump is now president!

What a joke. The return of Ovomit will only hurt the Libtards even more.

Roy Seals found helpful a review for Barack Obama Plans Return to Campaign Trail to Save Democrats, written by Red Rum 4 months ago

obumer will bury u freaking demoncraps,nobody,wants this black thief,back,i would work for the trump train day & night,to never ever have your black...

OMoron still matters? **chuckle

Ha Ha Ha Ha! Best joke I've read this morning.

Running Holder for president, would be like doing major plastic surgery on Hillary, and attempting to re-cycle that Loser... She would be sold out...

Why isn't this racist POS in jail?

He was useless as AG, he will be no different as president, He'' never make it!

Haha haha, my morning is complete, run asswipe no better way to insure we get another 4 years of Trump

Oh yes, Dear Lord, please let this moron win the primary & become the official Democrat candidate for POTUS! This would be the gift to Conservative...


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