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Now hear this.....the check has been sent. By the way nothing is being said about all the other presidents, especially Obama who never ever send...

If it went through the State Capital they are screwed. Those desparate crooks will keep it and let Wa. take the blame.

This is beginning to look like an Indian Drama. Did Russia renege on pay offs to incur Obama-Clinton ire?

I don't trust any of them anymore.

Richard Kubena didn't find helpful a review for Judiciary Committee Calls on Former FBI Informant to Testify About Uranium One, written by Dkpb 1112 7 hours 35 minutes ago

Stop dragging this out. America has bigger issues. Besides, its probably costing us a fortune

The real Russian probe begins.

Better put a lot of security around this guy so the Clintonista Regime doesn't "disappear" him.

Buck I couldn't agree more, many up votes for your spot on comment. ???????????????????

He calls them "Fake Media." II call them sociopathic liars.

@ Dale Ruff, and you are so full of **** that your eyes are turning brown.

It seems the Clinton dynasty has had the deep states protection, blessing and murderous protection for over fifty years and it wants to keep...

Trump is in deep **** for disrespecting a soldier killed in Niger and for failing to follow thru on a promise to give $25K to a widow (until this...

George Bush openly endorses the NWO which includes Soros, helped the Clintons scam Americans out of money for Haiti, has remained quiet during all...

All the bushes are One World Government destroy the USA types...he is following the NWO orders..just like the rest of the puppets....anyone against...

Bush is a lying, Globalist, war criminal and should be hanged. 9/11 was an inside job, right asshole ?

yes if you beleave the dems they told you a lie trump did not say it the way that way the crazy dems say every thing trump says they have to make a...

Trump would not say anything disrespectful about the brave men who have died. It's not in his nature to do that. You heard what you heard that way...

Janet Fox I am a Veteran and I accepted the fact that the possibility of dying was real...and I signed up anyway. A Green Beret most definitely knows this and... Show more yesterday

I'd wager My president never said those words. Those are words [put into her mouth] that express what she perceived after being pumped up by the...

Right or wrong, what he said was true (as in any dangerous job). General Kelly knew this. The soldier knew this. I hope this poor mom didn't...

President Trump would never be disrespectful to the mother of a slain soldier....I believe this is a contrived narrative from Rep. Frederica...


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