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Maybe all the hardworking tax payers should take a knee until the Clintons are behind bars.

WAIT! You want the CLINTONS to obey the law??!? How DARE you! Don't you know who RUNS this country?

Do not expect any success in taking down any of the Shadow Government leaders. Since Jimmy Carter's days, the controllers of International and our...

Nothing is sacred to these people who have abandoned God, morals and dignity for power. They will not last because their foundation is built on the...

What a bunch of Libtard, butt hurt pussies.

Bush is a lying, Globalist, war criminal and should be hanged. 9/11 was an inside job, right asshole ?

Bush is a lying, Globalist, war criminal and should be hanged. 9/11 was an inside job, right asshole ?

George Bush openly endorses the NWO which includes Soros, helped the Clintons scam Americans out of money for Haiti, has remained quiet during all...

All the bushes are One World Government destroy the USA types...he is following the NWO orders..just like the rest of the puppets....anyone against...

What a bunch of Libtard, butt hurt pussies.

Joseph R. Davis Said the little boy, with the big COW...BOY hat. yesterday

"The reason the former president made the cut from the other names submitted is because he is black.... students at the predominantly black school...

Right down the street, the high school is going to be named "The Satan School of Fire & Brimstone"!

where are you ICE? go get them.

Hey Judge YOU PAY FOR IT, just to see how it feels to spend your money for the procedure. Liberal piece of crap.

Ship her a$$ to her home country and let them take care of her. Never allow her back into our country.

Nothing mentioned about the FBI covering up info on the uranium deal all while Mueller was in charge of the FBI, how Hypocritical is that? A man...

Brad Stewart didn't find helpful a review for NFL Responds to Flagging TV Ratings with Even More Activism, written by Tony Barreda 2 days ago

Pseudo patriots against Afro Americans' freedom of speech. No one has asked the players for their thoughts regarding their respect for what the flag...

Janet Fox Let's see them stand up for the flag and national anthem then get their hands dirty helping their community. Then I will listen to what they are... Show more 2 days ago

I can't walk in a Millionaires shoes, I can't afford those shoes, you see I work for a living, not get money thrown at me for playing FETCH!


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